Monday, 8 December 2008

Lucky Charms and Pikmin Oh My!

Well when I was a kid, we had this fab cereal called Lucky Charms which I absolutely adored! And one day it disappeared being a kid I was DEVASTATED! But my inner child is now satisfied as my wonderful dad brought home 6 bags of the stuff! YUM. Unfortunately my partner who has never tried now loves it and we are both hooked. Doh!

I made a Tortoise for my 2009 Amigurumi swap, she likes anything cute and amigurumi, so thought this would fit the bill, along with some cadburys chocolate as this fella is going to USA.

Lastly have a nintendo swap and instantly thought PIKMIN! I loved this game when it came out and my partner can testify how upset I was when the first of my little guys died and 'went to heaven'. How am I supposed to know Red ones don't go in water and yellow ones set alight?! I made a yellow one for the swap as I think they are the cutest with their ears (may have to make an entire set for myself...hmmm)


Le Butterfly said...

Nicely done. the Pikmin looks very cute.

AmAndApAndA said...

I love the turtle Pikmin! Great job!

Stacey said...

They look great! Stacey187-swapbot!!

rachael said...

Your little amis are so cute! I just started making them and they can be so addicting!

TracyC said...

I love that turtle but I've got to tell you: he keeps eating all my cadbury's--and he's not slow about it either. :-D
Tracy, periwinklepenguins on Swapbot