Monday, 7 November 2011

Craft Fair Been and Gone and commissions galore

I have been a busy camper, what with sorting out the craft fair, planning a wedding, going for a job interview and generally getting on with life!

The craft fair has been and gone now this weekend and will say was a little disappointed as it was not the fair for me. Not many people were out to buy but the good news is the lovely stuff now gets listed in my Folksy shop and possibly Etsy so grab it while you can! A new addition are the snowballs, fluffy hugball balls that are just adorable!

I have also been busy making commissions on the side for special people and shall post soon once they have received them so as not to give the surprise away.

Interview has now also been and gone so can only wait to hear but fingers crossed and the wedding so far *knocks wood* appears to be going all ok.

Having a break from making and keeping myself busy to get more things uploaded to the store. Current project is to finish 30 tiny turtle toy wedding favours. Must get the camera charged to show of the cuteness!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Promotion for the Shop

Listings are happening steadily at one a day now with both the crochet and felt creations. To celebrate opening the shop and a thank you for anyone that purchases for a limited time only I will be including a free mini amigurumi with each purchase including any commissions.

Today's listing was this Phoenix which I was particularly pleased with how he turned out:

Also to forgot to add the unicorn now finished and very elegant:

Further happiness, my parents are getting another puppy and went to see the prodigy, absolutely gorgeous and when you get to see 20 puppies in one sitting aged 4-8 weeks all wanting to play, it was absolutely bliss. Watch this space for puppy pictures once uploaded!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New Creations Ahoy!

Well creations are well on the way. Decided to put some more effort into photography (as I am not the best). Being a beautiful sunny day decided to take them outside into the public gardens, I may have got in everyone's way but least it was good fun!
Here is a sampler of a racoon in a tree, I tried using the grass and banks to create a more personal touch:

My unicorn in the making having a sunbath and very much looking like a deer at this point (have now made bambi version in this style)

Fiery dragon finished for the new designs under my Amygurumi name to be featured in my folksy shop

The unicorn finished with lovely tufts of hair:

Just needed to get my beloved other half to change some graphics and layouts for the shop and stop my cats interferring with my toys and we are on our way!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Watch this space..I am coming back

Hello folks. I have been gone a fair while and can only apologise for the length of time. I have been busy moving in with my partner, settling in a new job and also now planning the final touches to our wedding next March 2012. But good news I have decided to get back into my craft making and start my online presence again. I have been busy in the crafty sidelines making commissions here and there, also expanding to soft toy wedding favours. I am planning to bring back my "Amygurumi" amigurumis with the selected collection of my more intricate and detailed felt soft plushies. I am planning on some mystical themes. It is good to be back and will have some updates shortly of what I have been up to and what is to come. If any questions or requests, let me know!