Saturday, 6 December 2008

Amigurumi, Stuffie, Softie Swap-a-holic!

I am very very new to the blogging thing but felt it was time to start one of my own. I am 24 years old, got a Bachelors at Art University and now work for a solicitors! The last year or so has been really exciting for me as I moved into my first flat with my long term partner of 6 years - true love!

I am completely obsessed by knitting and crochetting and have suddenly come across a new site You join swaps of your choice and make things to send to people and receive things in return, it is now my new new obsession! I have only participated in a couple so far but there are many more for me to join. My blog is going to be about things of a crafty nature - things made for swaps, new designs, crochet, knit and just things for fun! I hope you enjoy it!

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