Sunday, 7 December 2008

Been Busy Bee

As I said earlier I am addicted to swap-bot and making, I thought it might be nice to add piccys of what I have been making! Please excuse the quality of my pics, I need to find out what setting has magicaaly appeared on my camera!

First there is the christmas amigurumi lights I have made for a christmas swap - the bulbs have little faces on them, I tried to capture the essence of christmas coloured bulbs! They also pop out so that you can swap them around!

Then I made a black Greyhound with a collar by request from a friend for christmas! He was really fun to make! The collar is also deatchable. His name is Lad. My friend owns a shop and her blod is in my list under Two Fish and a Chick with Sticks! Caron is very talented, spinning, dyeing, knitting and more - I recommend checking her shop out.

I then had a swap to make a Totoro from the Ghibli My Neighbour Totoro - he was too cute so i sent the original blue one and ended up making this grey one for myself! (Now my partner likes him and I have to make a pink one for myself - oh the drama!)

Then I have also included a piccy of my space where things I create and things I have received have their sanctuary! There are other swaps there waiting to go out including friendship bracelets (close up included) and tawashis (Japenese cloths that are quite quirky).


goldfishgirl said...

Yay, Lad is finished! He looks amazing Amy, can't wait so meet him in person!

TracyC said...

The Christmas lights were bril! Absolutely amazingly awesome. My daughters had a blast switching them all around. I didn't want to take my Christmas tree down, the lights were so fun!