Saturday, 28 February 2009

Hello All! I have exciting news -I have had my first commission to make a toy through Etsy! YAY. I was very excited and the little guy is making his way to the USA as we speak! (Pictures to follow soon).

I have also updated my Folksy as I didn't realise I hadn't updated it since Christmas (I know I am very bad ;)


Here is the link direct to my Folksy shop homepage!!

I am also setting up my Etsy shop properly now and considering things to add to the site (thinking adoptable amigurumi puppies.. in the works).

Have been making like mad to keep my mind of the everyday depressing things and will post very shortly what I have made (sorry for the lack of posts, promise to have something more interesting soon).

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Crafty as it goes

It has been a hectic New Year for me in life, family and work, but I have still had time to craft, craft, craft!!! I just love to do it! I have now put some bits and pieces on my etsy site and truly hope to sell something soon (exciting!!!), locally I have been selling gloves thanks to the cold weather and boy has it been chilly!!!

So what have I been making? Well felt Walkers crisps, No Face from Spirited Away, Calcifer from Howls Moving Castle amongst penuin amigurumis!! Also been making Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas - the more unusual and challenging the better. What have I got coming up??? Seven sins in Dotee form and Felt food that you get at Alice in Wonderlands tea party - watch this space! I am thinking blues and whites with jammy hearts alllll over!

More unusual things I have also been doing is a Domokun stuffie (Japanese character - google it, he is super cute and a little scary!!!) as well as a Onigiri Rice ball plushie (also super cute - a kawaii Japanese food character -they do the weirdest sweetest things!) and a little amigurumi dragon for my partner's chinese zodiac symbol for the new year! He loves marshmallows and is still using his training wings!