Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New Creations Ahoy!

Well creations are well on the way. Decided to put some more effort into photography (as I am not the best). Being a beautiful sunny day decided to take them outside into the public gardens, I may have got in everyone's way but least it was good fun!
Here is a sampler of a racoon in a tree, I tried using the grass and banks to create a more personal touch:

My unicorn in the making having a sunbath and very much looking like a deer at this point (have now made bambi version in this style)

Fiery dragon finished for the new designs under my Amygurumi name to be featured in my folksy shop

The unicorn finished with lovely tufts of hair:

Just needed to get my beloved other half to change some graphics and layouts for the shop and stop my cats interferring with my toys and we are on our way!

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