Sunday, 1 February 2009

Crafty as it goes

It has been a hectic New Year for me in life, family and work, but I have still had time to craft, craft, craft!!! I just love to do it! I have now put some bits and pieces on my etsy site and truly hope to sell something soon (exciting!!!), locally I have been selling gloves thanks to the cold weather and boy has it been chilly!!!

So what have I been making? Well felt Walkers crisps, No Face from Spirited Away, Calcifer from Howls Moving Castle amongst penuin amigurumis!! Also been making Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas - the more unusual and challenging the better. What have I got coming up??? Seven sins in Dotee form and Felt food that you get at Alice in Wonderlands tea party - watch this space! I am thinking blues and whites with jammy hearts alllll over!

More unusual things I have also been doing is a Domokun stuffie (Japanese character - google it, he is super cute and a little scary!!!) as well as a Onigiri Rice ball plushie (also super cute - a kawaii Japanese food character -they do the weirdest sweetest things!) and a little amigurumi dragon for my partner's chinese zodiac symbol for the new year! He loves marshmallows and is still using his training wings!

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Tina Peacock said...

Loving the new designs, Amy! Hope you are well. Looks like you've been very busy & creative, which is more than can be said for me! lol! The Walkers Crisps are great.see you soon x